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We decided to make a small comic book with a circulation of several copies. This work will have both physical and digital value.
The essence of the comic is that in it you will find many answers to the questions that you will have during the acquaintance with the collections of Crypto Ice Cream.
You will be able to understand what the NFT created by us is, the origins of the origin and interaction with the world of Crypto Ice Cream Land.
Easter eggs for upcoming collections will also be hidden in the work, such as:
The first collection we have already released is Crypto Ice Cream (This collection is the base in the world of Crypto Ice Cream Land. She represents an ordinary person who is not endowed with any abilities, but has her own percentage of improvement, we will tell you about this a little later).
The second collection is the Wizards of Ice Cream
The third is Ice Cream Elves.
The fourth is Ice Cream Gnomes.

The comic will also mention the most ambitious stage of our project, this is the exit to the meta-universe. Therefore, the lucky ones who will become the owners of this work, we warn you about all of the above.
I would also like to note that the comic will be made in the style of the unique design of Crypto Ice Cream.
The first chapter will be called (Ogidins), I think it’s not worth dwelling on its content.

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The first developments will appear, so follow us.