Connecting to Metaverse

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After a short dialogue, Albert Ray suggests starting a new journey in space (Crypto Ice Cream Land). During the dialogue, Albert tells that while users as assistants helped the scientist to find the lost NFT Crypto Ice Cream. Albert wasted no time and created a new technology from a piece of material that he found earlier.

With the help of this device, it is possible to create your own ice cream.

The concept of a prototype of your ice cream.

A common ice cream template is provided, which can be upgraded immediately thanks to a number of stock items, such as:

The taste of ice cream (choose one of four).
The history of this ice cream (one of four prehistories to choose from).
The emotion of ice cream (one of four to choose from).
An ice cream stick (one of four to choose from).
One of the suggested templates of the ice cream itself.

At the end, the ice cream you have generated will display a general indicator – durability.

Durability (the technique will be implemented in the fact that when the user falls into the metaverse, he will be given the opportunity to check the ice cream rack). At the expense of which it will be possible to fill in-game currency.

Implementation (a mini-game in the form of a clickler, when clicking on ice cream, an animation in the form of biting ice cream will be produced).

The percentage of durability can be increased by purchasing in-game tokens in the form of additional items:

Upgraded Ice Cream Stick
The emotion of ice cream
The taste of ice cream

The general level of the ice cream itself will also be pumped (at certain levels, some item will be given to increase durability.)

In the metaverse, there will be a marketplace where you can also buy or sell items to get a percentage of durability.

A small commission will be charged for putting an item up for sale.