Connecting to Metaverse

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Here we will tell you more about the world of Crypto Ice Cream land. Pasteurization is the first example of entering the meta-universe.
The world of Crypto Ice Cream Land is divided into a number of small states (this world will unite all the released collections, which we already mentioned earlier).

What you can do in the metaverse is to develop your state, improve it, interact with other collections.

Additional privileges of each of the States:

%+ Accelerated construction. Ordinary (without Ice Cream race))
%+ Accelerated money making. Elves (Ice Cream)
%+ Accelerated experience acquisition. (Wizards (Ice Cream))
%+ Accelerated regeneration of interaction with any objects. Gnomes (Ice Cream)


Wizards (Ice Cream)
Elves (Ice Cream)
Regular (without Ice Cream race)
Gnomes (Ice Cream)


Tools – Shovels, picks, trolleys, axes.
Materials – Wood, iron, gold, diamonds.
Currency – Ice Cream Coin (for this currency, it will be possible to buy both tools, materials, and participate in the internal economy with different collections inside the metaverse of Cypro Ice Cream Land).

Mechanics and Economics of the Crypto Ice Cream Land World
All tools can be bought in the metaverse itself, and materials can already be extracted, for example:
With an axe you get a tree.
You mine with picks – iron, gold and diamonds.
Trolleys serve as fast delivery to the point that is the base – with the help of all the materials you rebuild your own state working in a team.

There is also the mechanics of trade – trade is implemented between states, so that you are given the opportunity to buy and sell all of the above materials.

Initially, different amounts of minerals are contained in the bowels of all states.


An opportunity is provided in the form of an extension of the general state of the collection. (The treasury, which accumulates from the money invested from the purchase of tools, materials, or a percentage of sales or purchases with other collections, in the form of percentages of the increase in the state’s space).

Increasing space – with the help of this mechanic, you can expand your territory with joint efforts, since the world of Crypto Ice Cream Land is a huge meta-universe.

What will increase the territory:
Greater number of resources.
Hidden temporary increases in indicators (money-making, construction experience, interaction with objects.

Percentages of pumping locations:

5 lvl – Settlement
10 lvl – County
15 lvl – State
20 lvl – Kingdom

Construction – the speed of construction of the general state of the collection.
Money – a smelter will be implemented in each state (the system of its operation is that the gold you find can be melted down into Ice Cream Coin, you can already buy tools for coins).
Interaction with objects – each tool will have durability, that is, the percentage of wear, so Ice Cream Gnomes will wear out tools more slowly.
Experience – An increased percentage for the arrangement of the territory.

Events will be implemented both for the general world of Crypto Ice Cream Land and individual states.

Percentages of pumping locations:

5 lvl – Settlement
10 lvl – County
15 lvl – State
20 lvl – Kingdom