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🍨Preparation of the mixture

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Crypto Ice Cream is a Non Fungible Token token, which is a series of collections generated on the basis of cute ice creams.
The concept was based on the idea of developing its own unique space called Crypto Ice Cream Land, which is described in more detail in our storytelling.
Crypto Ice Cream is ice cream and anyone can become the holder of this NFT, because we believe that a child lives in each of us, remember the nostalgic taste of ice cream from childhood and enjoy pleasant memories, plus the whole plot of the narrative is packed and presented to the user as an exciting and fantastic journey where everyone can take part. It’s already interesting, isn’t it?
One of the main goals of Crypto Ice Cream is to create the most global, friendly, sweet, and responsive community.
Thanks to all the forces of the team, we are already on the first step of the interaction.