Connecting to Metaverse

Discover the new Crypto Ice Cream metaverse


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A lot of things are hidden from the human eye, one of them was and is an amazing world (Crypto Ice Cream Land). Once every two thousand years, the world of Ice Cream is given the opportunity to interact with the world of people, so there is a theory about parallel space (MIW), which gives a chance to become a visitor to a particular world.
There is a scientist (Albert Ray) who was able to discover a piece of an unknown material with which he created a device to determine the algorithm for finding a portal to get into other worlds.

At the moment of the connection of the two worlds, the device invented by the scientist began to make strange sounds, and around his laboratory turned into a boundless field on which there was alive and also very cute ice cream.

The scientist realized that he still managed to achieve the desired goal and he wanted to share this discovery with humanity. Albert wanted to take a few copies with him and he did it, but at the moment when he crossed the border of the world of Crypto Ice Cream with our world, the device failed and the scientist found himself abruptly in the world of people, but without ice cream.

According to his research, Metamorphosis failed and ice cream instances were lost in the NFTsky metaverse.

The scientist decided to assemble a team in order to find and show people his discovery. Join the ranks of assistants and start your exciting journey!