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First generation

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Crypto Ice Cream is the first generative collection of the amazing world of crypto ice cream, launched in 2022.

We believe that a child lives in each of us, remember the nostalgic taste of ice cream from childhood and enjoy pleasant memories, plus the whole plot of the narrative is packed and presented to the user as an exciting and fantastic journey where everyone can take part.

This collection is the base in the world of Crypto Ice Cream Land. She represents an ordinary person who is not endowed with any abilities, but has her own percentage of improvement.

The development of the ice cream template itself and additional aspects in the form of:

  • Background color.
  • Ice cream color.
  • Emotions of ice cream.
  • Ice cream sticks.


✔ Crypto Ice Cream rewards the owner of a rare nft by sharing % of the market commission collected from each sale for life!

✔ Airdrops from Crypto Ice Cream collections. Whitelist access for early access to exclusive NFTs