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About Marketing

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All Crypto Ice Cream marketing is divided into 4 main stages:

1. Web Site – Creation and development of a convenient and bright site.

24/7 technical support, premium service.

2. Creation and development of the community.

  • Keeping the community active on a regular basis.
  • Discord – organization of Discord space

WhiteList, NFT drop, setting up and testing the functionality of all bots. Conducting an ama session in Discord to improve interaction.

  • Twitter, Instagram – use of high-quality advertising and marketing materials (text, design).

Content focused on content value.

  • Interaction with nft drop calendars

3. Collaboration with influencers.

Use the recommendations of people who are authoritative for the user. Buying advertising where there is a main target audience, publishing articles on large blog platforms.

4. Breaking news, gifts and gifts.

Constant heating and interest in the collection. Promotions, sales, special offers.