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About us

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We are the Crypto Ice Cream team, our concept was based on two tasks:

  • 💙 Plunge into the nostalgic childhood time.
  • 💜 To connect the collection with the world of fantasy and present a new plot of the story.

While working on the collection, the idea came up to create my own world called Crypto Ice Cream Land.

This world is a special space where you can create your own unique ice cream, everything is described in more detail in the Roadmap.

All released collections will have their own idea and presentation, as the plot of the world of Crypto Ice Cream Land, and have a certain specificity. Also in the world of Crypto Ice Cream Land, you will be able to interact with all the characters that appeared or will be presented in the lore of the collections in the future.

Start your unique journey now!✨🍧

Our team:

  • Professional ice cream hunter
  • Assistant scientist Albert
  • The pioneer of the world of Crypto Ice Cream
  • King of Crypto Ice Cream Land