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App Interface

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In the development of our interface for the application, the main rules are:

  • convenience in functionality;
  • pleasant and aesthetic visuals;
  • correct operation on any device.

Focus on simplicity, interactivity, engagement, ease of learning.

Development stages:

1. Concept creation.

Implementation of the idea with the help of tools and knowledge about our niche, target audience, product cases. We begin to create a user interface that is optimal for each of them.

At this stage, aspects such as the size and location of buttons and forms, fonts, and many other aspects of the interface structure are also affected.

2. Brainstorming and sketches

We turn the idea of the interface into reality.

3. Transition diagram

It will illustrate the logic of the product by showing the different ways to interact with the interface, the roadmap of these interactions, and the state of the interface at each stage.

4. Interface style selection

We pay attention to current trends.Use of animation and video content to make the functionality more fun and interactive.Highlighting important things and accents.

Dark Mode Dark mode (dark mode, night mode) is one of the most popular design trends. Ability to switch between standard mode and dark mode in apps. So users can choose what they like best. Dark mode colors the background black/dark and makes fonts and other elements light/white instead.