Connecting to Metaverse

Discover the new Crypto Ice Cream metaverse


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1. Start the generation of the Crypto Ice Cream collection.

The development of the ice cream template itself and additional aspects in the form of:

  • Background color.
  • Ice cream color.
  • Emotions of ice cream.
  • Ice cream sticks.

2. Start Launching the NFT collection on the marketplace Discord and website:

  • Discord – organization of Discord space (WhiteList, NFT drop, setting up and testing the functionality of all bots.
  • Web Site – Creation and development of the site.

3. Collectible comic – create a small comic (5-10 copies, 10-20 pages).

  • The content of the comic – The history of Crypto Ice Cream Land (how this world was formed, who are Crypto Ice Cream – additionally work out the lore).

Easter eggs for the next editions of the collections.

This comic will be raffled off using the NFT Drop system when the social. networks will be from 7k+ subscribers, or when our Discord server is boosted to a certain level. (distribution to the most active participant).

4. Royalty system for holders of NFT Crypto Ice Cream.

The user who first bought an NFT will be rewarded with royalties on each resale of that NFT (a small percentage of sales, only launching on a number of certain super rare NFTs).


5. Encounter with the Metaverse

First example:

The world of Crypto Ice Cream Land, which is divided into a number of small states (this world will unite all released collections, which will have their own peculiarity).

What will be possible to do in the metauniverse – develop your state, improve it, interact with other collections (for example, buying and selling any materials to build your space).

Development of tokens of tools, materials, currency and expansion of the state. The system of events both for the entire crypto universe and for certain states.

Additional privileges for each state:

  • %+ Accelerated construction. Regular (without Ice Cream race)
  • %+ Faster money making. (Elves Ice Cream)
  • %+ Accelerated acquisition of experience. (Wizards of Ice Cream)
  • %+ Accelerated regeneration of interaction with any objects (Gnomes Ice Cream).


  • Magicians (Ice Cream)
  • Elves (Ice Cream)
  • Regular (without Ice Cream race)
  • Gnomes (Ice Cream)


  • Tools – Shovels, pickaxes, trolleys, axes.
  • Materials – Wood, iron, gold, diamonds.
  • Currency – Ice Cream Coin (for this currency, it will be possible to buy both tools, materials, and participate in the internal economy with different collections within the Cypro Ice Cream Land metaverse).


  • An opportunity is also provided in the form of an expansion of the general state of the collection.

(The treasury that accumulates from the invested money from the purchase of tools, materials, or a percentage of sales or purchases with other collections, in the form of interest for the state).

Location leveling percentages:

  • 5 lvl – Settlement
  • 10 lvl – County
  • 15 lvl – State
  • 20 lvl – Kingdom
Second example:

The world of Crypto Ice Cream Land – upon entering the metaverse, the user is met by the scientist Albert Ray, who was mentioned in the storytelling (you helped this scientist collect all the ice cream that was lost in the NFTsky space.

After a little dialogue, Albert Ray suggests starting a new journey in the Crypto Ice Cream Land. In the course of the dialogue, Albert tells that so far the users, as assistants, helped the scientist find the lost Crypto Ice Cream NFTs. Albert wasted no time and created a new technology from a piece of material he found earlier. With the help of this device, it is possible to create your own ice cream.

The concept of a prototype of his ice cream.

A generic ice cream template is provided that can be upgraded right away with a number of stock items such as:

  • The taste of ice cream (choice of one of four).
  • The history of this ice cream (choice of one of four prehistory).
  • Emotion of ice cream (choice of one of four).
  • Ice cream stick (one of four to choose from).
  • One of the suggested templates for the ice cream itself.

At the end, the ice cream you generated will display a general indicator – persistence.

Persistence (the technique will be implemented in that when the user falls into the metaverse, they will be given the opportunity to check the ice cream stand). Due to which it will be possible to fill the in-game currency.

Realization (a mini game in the form of a clickler, when you click on the ice cream, an animation will be made in the form of biting ice cream). The percentage of resistance can be increased by purchasing in-game tokens in the form of additional items:

  • Headdress
  • Upgraded ice cream stick
  • Ice cream emote
  • Ice cream flavor

The general level of the ice cream itself will also be pumped (at certain levels, some item will be given to increase durability.)

The metaverse will have its own marketplace where you can also buy or sell items to get a percentage of durability. A small commission will be charged for listing an item for sale.